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CRO Specialist (Mid/Senior/Lead)

HR Factory

Application ends: June 5, 2024
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    May 6, 2024
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    June 5, 2024
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Job Description

Established in 2018, our client, a forward-thinking USA-based brand incubator, is reshaping industry dynamics by diverging from traditional agency-client models. Beyond conventional marketing and logistics, they champion the complete consumer product development cycle, owning and nurturing multiple brands. With a robust digital presence, including driving traffic to their websites and strategic placement on major e-commerce platforms, alongside two efficient physical distribution hubs, our client has successfully cultivated five distinct brands organically, all achieved without external capital. Their unique strategy involves building, scaling, and strategically placing brands, exemplified by the strategic sale of three brands to ideal partners. The collaborative creative team ensures meticulous handling of every aspect, from media placements to in-depth analysis. Our client isn’t just a brand incubator; they are industry innovators, revolutionizing brand crafting, nurturing, and strategic positioning for enduring success. Join our client on their journey as they redefine industry norms and pave the way for unparalleled innovation and strategic brilliance. We are looking for a two or more knowledgeable Mid/Senior CRO Specialists and one Lead CRO who understands experimentation practices, is deadline and detail oriented, collaborative. Responsibilities: Design and execute A/B and multivariate tests on advertising copy, customer journey, pricing strategies, upsells, button colors, and other webpage elements; Analyze performance metrics, including scroll depth and heat maps, to identify opportunities for improvement; Collaborate closely with the paid marketing team to ensure alignment and optimization of landing pages and ad campaigns; Utilize tools like VWO or Optimizely for conducting experiments and implementing changes based on data-driven insights; Continuously optimize webpages and funnels to increase sales and conversion rates; Provide regular communication and reporting to the marketing team and stakeholders on affiliate/influencer performance and campaign results. Requirements: Proven experience in conversion rate optimization, particularly in high-traffic e-commerce environments; Familiarity with Shopify and advanced funnel design; Strong analytical skills and proficiency in using CRO tools (e.g., VWO, Optimizely); Excellent communication and collaboration abilities; Ability to innovate and implement strategies that significantly impact sales performance; Analytics-driven mindset with the ability to analyze data and make data-informed decisions; Creative thinker with the ability to develop unique marketing campaigns; Self-motivated with a strong entrepreneurial spirit; Ability to work independently and manage multiple projects simultaneously; Familiarity with DTC/Shopify/Funnels/affiliate/influencer marketing platforms and tools; Passion for e-commerce and digital marketing.