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Application ends: June 9, 2024
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    May 10, 2024
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    June 9, 2024
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Job Description

Our client’s company, dedicated to reviving the joy of cycling, was founded upon the observation that existing cycling apps frequently prioritize competitive metrics over the genuine essence of biking adventures. With a mission to shift the focus from mere numbers to embracing the freedom, laughter with friends, and exploration that define cycling’s true appeal, they aim to bring back the authentic thrill and pleasure of riding experiences. We are currently looking for the Head of Marketing who will be the part of this business. Responsibilities may include, but not limited to: – Develop marketing strategy to boost brand, engage users; – Lead marketing team, set goals, foster innovation; – Coordinate with product teams for aligned initiatives; – Analyze data for insights, optimize campaigns; – Plan, oversee diverse marketing campaigns; – Build relationships with partners, influencers; – Manage budget, track performance metrics; – Stay updated on industry trends, competitors; – Maintain brand consistency across channels; – Improve user experience, build loyalty through insights.