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Social Media & Marketing Manager


Application ends: June 1, 2024
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    May 2, 2024
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    June 1, 2024
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Job Description

Are you ready to bring your creative talents to the vibrant world of real estate marketing? Join us as a Content Creation and Marketing Specialist, where you’ll produce compelling content across various mediums, from articles for our blog to captivating YouTube videos that recruit agents to our brokerage and engage web-based leads. Your efforts will amplify our brand presence through social media outreach and insightful strategies, expanding our reach and impact. You’ll also manage data tracking for our website and social media channels, transforming insights into actionable strategies, and design systems for a content calendar to fuel consistent messaging. If you’re excited about blending creativity with strategic marketing in the dynamic real estate industry, then we want you on our team! Requirements: Graphic Design Expertise: Proficient in creating visually engaging assets that align with brand identity, including digital graphics, print materials, and online advertisements. Capable of utilizing design software to enhance marketing campaigns and support cohesive visual communication. Copywriting (and not just with ChatGPT 😉): Skilled in crafting compelling and relatable copy that resonates with target audiences, creating a genuine connection and fostering engagement. Able to balance persuasive messaging with an authentic voice to drive marketing goals and enhance brand perception. Familiarity with AI Tools: Experienced in leveraging AI tools to streamline content creation, analyze market trends, and optimize marketing strategies. Capable of integrating AI solutions to enhance productivity and improve data-driven decision-making. Video Editing Skills: Adept at producing high-quality video content, incorporating innovative editing techniques, visual effects, and audio synchronization to create impactful narratives. Skilled in transforming raw footage into polished content that supports marketing objectives. Social Media Management: Proficient in managing social media platforms, including content scheduling, community engagement, and performance tracking. Able to analyze metrics and adapt strategies to maximize reach and engagement, strengthening brand presence.