20+ Best SaaS Blogs to Follow in 2024 (Expert Picks)

Tomas Laurinavicius
Updated on May 13, 2024

Lucky for you, you won’t have to look high and low for the top SaaS blog worthy of your time and attention. We have carefully handpicked the best SaaS blogs for every field of study and industry.

From SaaS sales blogs to SaaS Marketing resources, we’ve got you covered. Our curated list can help you stay updated with new SaaS techniques, implement crucial strategies, make informed decisions, solve business challenges, and much more.

Best SaaS Blogs for Sales

1. Close

A 100% remote company, Close started its roots as a “Sales-as-a-Service” business called ElasticSales.

With more than 9 years of experience, it’s one of the top SaaS sales blogs that provides resources about building the sales infrastructure necessary to empower companies to scale their sales strategies.

This SaaS sales blog also prides itself in helping hundreds of venture-backed Silicon Valley startups to generate millions of dollars in sales.

Notable writers: Steli Efti, Amy Copadis, Mark Quadros, Graham Collins

Topics: Sales, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, SaaS Start-ups, SaaS Sales, SaaS Marketing & Cold Calling

Most Popular Content:

2. Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker is a SaaS community for B2B sales professionals to equip SaaS startups with actionable sales advice and resources.

It’s one of the best SaaS sales blogs where you can find real-life practices and blog posts like sales strategies, B2B tactics, and hacks from some of the world’s fastest-growing companies.

Notable writers: Clara Johnson, Tiffany Ruder, Ariel Hitron, Ryan O’Hara

Topics: Sales, SaaS Sales, CRM, Automation, Lead Generation, B2B SaaS, SaaS Businesses, Training & Coaching

Most Popular Content:

3. Gong

One of the most popular SaaS sales blogs, Gong publishes unique and data-backed research findings and sales tips. This SaaS blog shares results and information from analyzing a database of recorded and transcribed AI sales conversations.

Each blog post is filled with sales strategies and actionable insights through hard data and meticulous analysis to help you achieve your sales target.

Notable writers: Jonathan Costet, Kelly Wright, Devin Reed, Sandi Kochhar

Topics:  SaaS Sales, Email Marketing, Analytics, SaaS Business Operations, Market Research & CRM

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Best SaaS Blogs for Growth

1. SuperOffice

SuperOffice publishes long-form, data-driven content and articles to help businesses accelerate their growth.

With 30+ years of experience in CRM, it’s a popular SaaS blog that shares original research studies from thousands of companies and customer experiences.

This SaaS blog specializes in content about building strong customer relationships to help you transition into the growth expansion stage.

Notable writers: Steven Macdonald, Jon Triggs, Zarema Plaksji

Topics:  SaaS Growth, CRM, Customer Data, Growth Metrics, Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing

Most Popular Content:

2. Forget the Funnel

Forget the Funnel is a marketing and advertising company that focuses on customer-led growth. This strategic technique that takes advantage of customer insights to qualify and quantify customer value to boost growth.

It’s one of the most widely recognized SaaS sales blogs that helped launch, build and grow SaaS companies to operationalize and optimize their end-to-end customer experience.

Notable writers: Adrienne Barnes, Asia Matos Orangio, Brian Sun, Dan McGaw

Topics: SaaS Growth, SaaS Startups, Analytics, Email Marketing, SaaS Marketing, SaaS Sales, SaaS Business, Content Strategy & SEO

Most Popular Content:

3. Salesforce

A leading cloud-based CRM platform, Salesforce has managed to be one of the leading experts in helping companies manage their relationships and interactions with existing and potential customers.

It’s also one of the highly popular SaaS sales blogs that discusses various topics like AI, customer engagement, digital transformation, growth opportunities, outbound marketing, and inbound marketing.

Notable writers: Jennifer Mercer, Jody Farrar, Michael Rivo, Brian Costa, Enrique Ortegon

Topics: CRM, Growth Hacking, B2B SaaS, SaaS Sales, SaaS Marketing, SaaS Metrics, SaaS Companies

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Best SaaS Blogs for Early Traction

1. Groove

With 250k+ subscribers from across the globe, Groove’s popularity as one of the top SaaS marketing blogs has helped companies, start-ups, and small businesses to build hype and buzz around their brand.

In this SaaS blog, you will find Alex Turnbull, the CEO and Co-Founder of Groove, sharing real stories about the founding, growing, and scaling of a SaaS business from zero to $10-million annual recurring revenue.

Notable writers: Alex Turnbull, Erika Trujillo, Melissa Rosen, Nick McCreath

Topics: SaaS Startup, Content Marketing, SaaS Marketing, Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing

Most Popular Content:

2. All That SaaS

Another one of the best SaaS blogs, SaaSMetrics shares detailed information and actionable tips about SaaS business operations.

Their content is easy to digest for entrepreneurs and companies new to the SaaS industry and can help you find the best SaaS products, startups, and services online.

Notable writers: Dan Decker, Megan Zuniga, Jill Levy

Topics: SaaS Business Operation, SaaS Sales, SaaS Marketing, B2B SaaS, B2C SaaS & SEO

Most Popular Content:

Best SaaS Blogs for Marketing

1. Inside Intercom

Operating in San Francisco, United States, Intercom is a customer messaging platform that manages Inside Intercom.

It’s one of the best SaaS marketing blogs with a mission to help businesses engage and support customers through personalized, messenger-based experiences.

In their SaaS blog, you’ll find articles, videos, and podcasts covering SaaS marketing topics ranging from customer engagement to messaging strategies.

Notable writers: Des Traynor, Paul Adams, Karen Church

Topics: Marketing, Customer Retention, Customer Support, Product Management & SaaS Startup

Most Popular Content:

2. SaaStr

SaaStr is one of the largest communities of SaaS founders, executives, and entrepreneurs in the world.

The SaaStr founder Jason Lemkin created this one of the top SaaS marketing blogs that leverage the community’s collective wisdom and offer some of the best insights.

This SaaS blog covers the current techniques and trends of SaaS marketing and the SaaS industry. SaaStr constantly also prides itself in producing unique and timely blog posts.

Notable writers: Jason Lemkin, Amelia Ibarra

Topics: Marketing, Sales, Customer Experience, SaaS Startups & SaaS Business Operations

Most Popular Content:

3. ChartMogul

ChartMogul is an analytics platform dedicated to helping subscription-based businesses.

It’s one of the top SaaS marketing blogs that deliver practical guides and tips about essential SaaS marketing and revenue metrics: MRR, ARPU, ASP, churn, and LTV.

This blog also offers posts and articles about the latest SaaS marketing, sales, and industry news. You will also read posts on customer success stories to help you get inspired.

Notable writers: Bianca Wilk, Sara Archer, Andrew Gazdecki

Topics: Marketing, SaaS Sales, SaaS Marketing, SaaS Metrics, SaaS Business Operations, SaaS Startup, Analytics & Research

Most Popular Content:

Best SaaS Company Blogs

1. Totango

Another one of the most popular SaaS sales blogs worth mentioning is Totango. It’s an internet technology company empowering software companies to build transformative customer journeys.

This SaaS blog publishes a wide variety of articles and case studies about SaaS strategies, techniques, and trends.

You can find a blog post about customer health journeys, marketing automation, and data-driven marketing.

Notable writers: Mia Jacobs, Guy Nirpaz

Topics: Customer Loyalty, Social Media, Customer Service, and Customer Success

Most Popular Content:

2. The Daily Egg

The Daily Egg is one of the widely recognized SaaS blogs managed by Crazy Egg, one of the first heatmap software companies co-founded by Neil Patel and Hiten Shah.

This SaaS blog covers marketing, web design, analytics, and social media.

Notable writers: Mary Cole, Angela Chapa, David Zheng

Topics: Social Media, Digital Marketing, SEO, SaaS Company Management and Sales Concepts

Most Popular Content:

3. OpenView Labs

OpenView is a venture capital & private equity company headquartered in Massachusetts, United States. It offers a tailor-made platform to help build expansion stage software companies into market leaders.

The OpenView Labs is one of the leading SaaS sales blogs. You can find blog posts about growth hacking tips, social media marketing real-life practices, and predictable revenue strategies.

You can find an interesting blog post centralizing product-led growth, customer service, and even human resources management at OpenView Labs.

Notable writers: Julia Beech, Meg Johnson, Brennon Slattery

Topics: HR, Leadership, Sales and Marketing

Most Popular Content:

Best SaaS Blogs by Founders

1. Chaotic Flow

Joel York, a SaaS sales and marketing startup founder, established the Chaotic Flow SaaS blog to share his knowledge and industry.

Currently residing in San Francisco, California, United States, Chaotic Flow publishes articles and go-to-market strategies.

This SaaS blog helps executives and marketing practitioners with their SaaS business operations. Normally, it takes 2-3 minutes to finish reading Joel York’s entire blog post in Chaotic Flow.

Notable writer: Joel York

Topics: SaaS Marketing, SaaS Product, SaaS Sales, SaaS Metrics, Integrated Marketing & Cloud Strategy

Most Popular Content:

2. Predictable Revenue

Aaron Ross is the author and co-founder of Predictable Revenue, a best-selling, award-winning book that sprouted the Predictable Revenue blog.

Together with his CEO, general partner, and co-founder Collin Stewart, this SaaS blog has become one of the most well-recognized SaaS blogs today.

Notable writers: Aaron Ross, Collin Stewart

Topics: Customer Retention, Predictable Revenue, Social Media & Customer Success

Most Popular Content:

3. InsideSales

Ken Krogue is the co-founder of InsideSales, a leading Enterprise Sales Engagement platform based in Texas, United States that helps businesses accelerate revenue.

He also set up one of the most prominent SaaS sales blogs that offer sales professionals and entrepreneurs to improve productivity, boost customer interactions, and connect to the right customers.

Notable writers: Ken Krogue, Mary Elizabeth Hammond

Topics: Business Development, Sales Effectiveness, Outbound Sales and Inbound Marketing

Most Popular Content:

Best SaaS Blogs by Venture Capitalists

1. For Entrepreneurs

A serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist at Matrix Partners, David Skok is the co-founder of For Entrepreneurs.

As early-stage investors based in San Francisco and Boston, it’s a well-recognized SaaS blog that provides in-depth and analytical blog posts on SaaS sales and marketing techniques.

Notable writer: David Skok

Topics: SaaS Marketing, SaaS Sales, Inbound Marketing, SaaS Startups, Growth, and SaaS Business Operations

Most Popular Content:

2. Tomasz Tunguz

Tomasz Tunguz is a venture capitalist at Redpoint and famously known for his eponymous blog.

The Tomasz Tunguz blog is a highly regarded SaaS blog because of its data-driven analysis and insights into the SaaS industry and startup growth.

Notable writer: Tomasz Tunguz

Topics: Category Creation, Content Marketing, Crypto and Customer Success

Most Popular Content:

3. Andreessen Horowitz

After taking down one of his most popular SaaS blogs, Pmarca Blog, Marc Andreessen partnered with Ben Horowitz to establish another SaaS blog called Andreessen Horowitz (known as “a16z”).

It’s primarily a venture capital firm based in California, United States, backing bold entrepreneurs building the future through technology.

Notable writer: Marc Andreessen, Ben Horowitz

Topics: SaaS Startups, Marketing Technology, Crypto and FinTech

Most Popular Content:


Whether you are a budding or experienced SaaS creator and practitioner, keeping up to date with the latest SaaS trends and techniques can be overwhelming.

You want a reliable place where you can find the right, timely, and relevant resources to keep your skills and knowledge always on track.

With our list of some of the top SaaS blogs, you are on the journey of learning something new, finding out the latest SaaS trends, and optimizing where you can improve.

You will find the right blog post to help you with your daily questions and business goals.


What is the best SaaS blog to read?

The best SaaS blog is dependent on your industry, company size, and business goals.

You must also consider the quality and length of writing if you are looking for the right SaaS blog to get inspiration from.

Luckily, we already have a list of some of the world’s best SaaS blogs to help you polish your SaaS knowledge.

What do the best SaaS blogs have in common?

The top SaaS blogs have similar qualities: frequently publishing blog posts, writing in a distinct and unique voice, timely creation of a relevant blog post, and simplifying highly complex ideas.

What is the difference between SaaS Sales and SaaS Marketing?

To some degree, the distinction between sales and marketing in SaaS is almost the same as it is in any industry.

The main goals of marketing are to position the product uniquely in the competitive landscape, craft compelling stories, and make sure those narratives are brought out consistently across channels.

On the other hand, the ultimate goal of sales is to build meaningful customer relationships, understand and empathize with their needs, and sell the right solutions to help address them.

As competition in a SaaS environment is increasingly heating up, you can’t separate marketing and sales.

By strategizing the proper positioning and messaging, pricing and packaging, and integrated marketing content and campaigns, marketing helps create the hype and drive demand and high-quality leads into the pipeline, enabling sales to win deals with conviction.

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